Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions for the use of the services offered on www.thewondertrip.com as follows.

Here are the Terms of Use www.thewondertrip.com. We recommend that you read this before contracting the services that this site offers. The company with trade name THEWONDERTRIP, S.L. VAT number B87415071, the relevant licenses issued by the Community of Madrid (CICMA: 3296) and established in Lake Constance Street 983C, 28017, Madrid, Spain and registered in the Companies Register of Madrid, Volume 33786, Book 0 Folio 173, Section 8, page M608070.

The following general conditions of sale are valid from 01/01/2016 and shall refer to products purchased on the web www.thewondertrip.com.

When a person makes a purchase on our website s/he will become a customer of TheWonderTrip regardless s/he is the one to enjoy the purchased package or s/he gives it away to someone else.

The user / client who acquires the services offered on www.thewondertrip.com will necessarily have to be of legal age (+18 years). When purchasing, you should accept the terms and conditions of the website, so that the general conditions are understood and addressed.

According to the Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce in relation to Directive 2002/58 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 July 2002 concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy in the electronic communications sector:

- The customer can access their booking documents on the "My Trip" section with their email addess and ID provided when purchasing the package, or by formulating a request and sending it to the email address: operations@thewondertrip.com

- At the time of the booking, documentation and data provided by customer to TheWonderTrip will be stored and kept for a period of five years


TheWonderTrip, S.L. reserves the right to modify at any time, and without notice, the selling rates of the packages listed on the website for reasons such as availability, airlines fares, legal fees or other regulatory obligations.Any supplements and changes to contracts cannot be made unless the customer accepts these amendments explicitly.

TheWonderTrip sells a tour packages, which consist of both back and return flights and accommodation.TheWonderTrip chooses the flights and accommodation. After the purchase, the customer will wait for confirmation of availability for the selected dates and times. If there is not availability, we will try to change the selected date by the user when possible, otherwise we will proceed to the refund of the purchase.

It is necessary that the customer accepts these general Terms and Conditions to enter into a contractual relationship between the customer and TheWonderTrip, S.L.

The tour package is subject to availability and operated by an air carrier or other third party partners. When a package is acquired, the client is awaiting for confirmation of availability on the selected dates.

Referring to Articles 141 to 147 of the Law 37/1992 of December 28th, the Value Added Tax, 52 and 53 of Royal Decree 1624/1992 and 6 of Royal Decree 1619/2012 Last updated: Law 28/2014, of 27 November (BOE of 28) and Royal Decree 1073/2014, of 19 December (BOE 20), both active from 01/01/2015, TheWonderTrip, S.L. works under the scheme of “online travel agency” so it is exempt from recording separately the amount of VAT on their invoices.


The steps to purchase the tour package of TheWonderTrip are:

  1. The client will enter the website www.thewondertrip.com. To access the shopping flow you can do it by clicking on any buttom "BOOK NOW" or LET’S GO!
  2. Once on the buying flow, the customer selects the origin city of the trip, by choosing from the available options in the drop-down menu that appears on the homepage. In addition, the customer chooses the number of travellers, with a minimum of 2 and without preset a maximum number. On the website you can choose up to 12 travellers. When travellers are more than 12 you should contact TheWonderTrip through operations@thewondertrip.com so that we can manage the trip more efficiently.
  3. In the following part the customer chooses from the available packages.
  4. On the next screen the date in which you want to enjoy the TheWonderTrip package will be selected.Available dates are marked on the calendar; the customer chooses one date
  5. Then on the next screen the customer chooses the time ranges for airline departure and return. If you choose a specific range of time, you should assume the price increase that it entails. Price ranges on the web are approximate and may vary within 60 minutes of what it is shown on the website. If you do not have places available for selected dates, TheWonderTrip will contact you to suggest an alternative date. If TheWonderTrip fails to find solution,it will proceed with the refund of the purchase.
  6. Finally, the client discards the destinations they do not want to go to (if any) by clicking on the city, and taking the supplement in the cost of the package that goes with it.The first discard is free-charge
  7. Once the client has completed this, the client moves onto the next page of the shopping flow, where s/he can fill out the form with the data of the users who will enjoy the package. There is a check box where s/he indicates if s/he wants to receive travel information.
  8. Regarding the data inputted on the form, it is responsibility of the customer to input the correct data, assuming that the customer knows the possible consequences of introducing incorrect data (for example when it comes to flying or making the check-in at the hotel). If we detect anomalies or false information, TheWonderTrip reserves the right to cancel such reservation and the customer will assume the possible resulting costs.
  9. Once the form is filled, the customer must accept the terms and conditions, thus accepting the conditions mentioned here.
  10. Finally, the customer will be redirected to the payment webpage to complete the shopping flow.There are several options for payment.
  11. Once this is done, TheWonderTrip will start processing the package.
  12. The client will receive a confirmation email of the successful completion of the purchase, with a summary of the purchase. At this point, the client is waiting for the availability of the chosen dates and times to enjoy the package.
  13. During this period the customer will recive some ideas about his destination. This idea is orientative.
  14. Between 24, 48 and 72 hours prior to departure (according to what the customer chooses), the customer will be notified about which destination city s/he is going to.
  15. Flight tickets and hotel reservation are sent to the email address of the client. Also on the "My Trip" section of the web, customers can download these documents.


  1. TheWonderTrip, S.L. reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate the services of any contract, as long as it is determined that the data provided are contrary to the truth and/or inaccurate.
  2. TheWonderTrip, S.L. will not be responsible for a possible refusal to board on the plane or other cases/problems caused by erroneous data that the client may have provided to TheWonderTrip.
  3. TheWonderTrip, S.L. reserves the right to cancel the booking if the customer damages or could damage the corporate image of TheWonderTrip, S.L. or would act contrary to TheWonderTrips’s commercial objectives. Also,the booking will be cancelled if TheWonderTrip cannot process the payment by the Customer or cannot verify the data of the customer.
  4. Each CLIENT, WEB USER and PROVIDER will be responsible for the legality and correctness of the data, information and content of any type, direct or linked, turned in or supplied to the web, or to TheWonderTrip, SL, whether such information or data is owned by TheWonderTrip or third parties. In case of rejection or interruption of services by fault or negligence in connection with these responsibilities, the customer or supplier disclaims all responsibility for this reason to TheWonderTrip, SL, pledging to keep it harmless against claims of third parties, in addition to indemnify TheWonderTrip for damage to image or reputation if applicable,.


  1. Once completed the purchase flow as well as the payment of the travel package, the customer is not entitled to any refund of money, any modification of dates, or any data related to the possible passengers that will enjoy the package.
  2. If the client cannot enjoy the package for any reason, TheWonderTrip will not refund the original price, the package or supplements included in the purchase by the Client.
  3. The acceptance of bookings by the provider, will be subject to the availability of places. TheWonderTrip will confirm the booking once the provider has confirmed availability.
  4. TheWonderTrip reserves the right to cancel any reservation requests that are false, have no direct available flights the on selected dates and times ,or are made by possible fraudulent buyers.
  5. Any reservation made at www.thewondertrip.com has associated management costs corresponding to the hours of travel agents looking for optimal alternatives for the needs of your trip; of flight agents issuing tickets; of the reservation agents making all the reservations with the different providers, preparing the confirmation of the trip; of the administration people to take the economic and administrative control of each trip and of all the payments to suppliers and collections from the clients, receipts, invoices, etc. In addition to the costs of the support areas for the staff that manages your reservation, which includes IT staff, payroll and human resources, management, office expenses, supplies, etc. These costs may vary depending on the cost of airline tickets, hotel reservations and the price of the WonderTrip package purchased.


  1. Customer care service is all customer service provided by phone and / or on-line services such as chat/email and that includes diagnosis or problem-solving services. The Customer Service is a service that TheWonderTrip, S.L. provides to the client for free through the following means:
  2. 0
    1. via web www.TheWonderTrip.com on live chat Monday to Friday from 09h00 to 20h00.
    2. via e-mail: operations@thewondertrip.com
    3. .


  1. TheWonderTrip S.L., responsible for the website www.thewondertrip.com, complies with the obligations under the Law 34/2002 of Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI -CE) and inform all users of the website regarding what the conditions of use of the website are.
  2. Any person accessing this site assumes the role of user and commits to the observance and enforcement of the above provisions, as well as any other provision of law that might be applicable.
  3. The user agrees to make appropriate use of content and services offered on the website, and informative but not limited to,the user commits not to use it for: i) engaging in illegal, illicit activities or contrary to the order public, ii) disseminating content that is racist, xenophobic, pornographic, justifying terrorism or against human rights, iii) causing physical or logical damage to the website, its suppliers or third parties, iv) attempting, accessing, manipulating, and emailing accounts or administrative areas without express permission.
  4. Reproduction, distribution and public communication, in whole or in part, of the contents of this website without the express permission of the owner is strictly prohibited.
  5. The owner reserves the right to change any information that could appear on the website without any forewarning.
  6. The conditions of use of the site as well as the content on the legal notice, are governed by the Spanish Law. You hereby consent to the resolution of any litigation in the Courts of Madrid.
  7. The packages provided to the customer by TheWonderTrip include flight to the destination as well as appropriate accommodation in the destination city.
  8. The completion of the reservation is subject to the specific conditions of the selected flight Operator, especially to the general terms and conditions of carriage.
  9. Customer is responsible for getting information about the existence of the possible vendor's specific conditions as may be baggage restrictions.
  10. Any refusal by a partner to provide the service for the reasons cited previously will not be considered as discrimination of any kind and will not involve any responsibility for TheWonderTrip, SL or the possible provider involved.
  11. It is responsibility of the buyer to ensure that users of the package have the necessary travel documents to potential destinations such as passports, visas and so on.
  12. The customer is responsible for printing the boarding pass that TheWonderTrip sends to the customer’s email address. Documentation can also be downloaded from the "My Trip" section of the Web. TheWonderTrip will not be held responsible for any extra cost that the provider may charge when the customer checks-in or departures; E.g.: not having printed out airline tickets.
  13. TheWonderTrip is not liable for any supplier problems such as delays and / or cancellations of flights. In case of changes in the flight time or cancellation of the flight, TheWonderTrip only offers customer support and / or help to make a claim to the airline that provides the flight, but the customer will be the one who must sue and/or claim their rights to the provider directly.
  14. TheWonderTrip, SL is only an intermediary between the customer and the supplier. TheWonderTrip will only be responsible for its own affairs according to law, excluding the enforceability of responsibility for the failure of contracted services between the client and the supplier or service provider.
  15. At the time of making the payment on our website, TheWonderTrip S.L will have the right to reserve the flights, accommodation and services contracted with the chosen package. From this moment on, the reservation cannot be canceled. Make sure that the dates and all the data entered are correct, since neither the client nor the travelers will be able to make changes or cancellations. Despite this, changes of name or date may be made by paying the penalty established by the service providers (airlines and hotels), or by paying the cost of acquiring a new air ticket in case the airline does not allow the change of Name. TheWonderTrip S.L, is responsible for buying airline tickets on the dates and times agreed at the time of booking. Subsequently, if the trip suffers date or time changes due to external providers (airlines and hotels), TheWonderTrip S.L will not be responsible for them, being the traveler who must demand and claim their rights from the company directly.


  1. TheWonderTrip, S.L. informs that it is legally registered with BBVA through which collects payments through virtual POS. TheWonderTrips uses data encryption for the security of the customer’s payments. Online payments are made directly to banks not to TheWonderTrip, S.L.
  2. The price of each package is the one obtained on the final order receipt,and will be shown at the end of purchase. During the buying flow, on the top of the webpage, the price will be updated any time that the client purchases any supplement
  3. If the customer does not finalize an order completely, and fills out all the required data on the form, the customer may receive emails with information about the company in irder to complete the purchase or receive any update.
  4. In the final price of the package the price of the flight, any accommodation, and possible supplements are included. TheWonderTrip, S.L. is subjected to the Special Regulation of Travel Agents (REAV) so it is exempted from recording separately the amount of taxes in their invoices.
  5. Any additional costs such as printing tickets at the airport are not included in the price of TheWonderTrip.The customer is responsible for these potential costs.
  6. Once the pre-booking on the TheWonderTrip website is made, TheWonderTrip will send confirmations after having confirmed that all the data provided by the customer is correct. However,this may take a few hours or a few days because TheWonderTrip, S.L. only sends the confirmation once availability for flights and accommodations have been confirmed as well.


  1. TheWonderTrip, S.L. will send the airline tickets and hotel reservations at the selected moment (72h, 48h or 24h before departure) by the Client. TheWonderTrip will provides to the user with the boarding pass (or any necessary data to check-in online), the documents for the check-in at the accommodation, and a guide or any other document in the interest of the user
  2. These documents are sent to customers by mail. They can also be downloaded from www.thewondertrip.com accessing the customer's personal area on the "My Trip" section of the website. The customer can access this section with booking number received at the end of the purchase and his/her e-mail address.
  3. All data provided to TheWonderTrip and collected by it on its database, through the form or by any other means, will be a valid proof of the order.


  1. All users, without exception (including those under 18 years old) must carry valid personal documents, either passport or ID card. These documents must meet the laws of the destination country
  2. In case that the documentation is rejected by any authority granting the passport/ID card, for particular causes of the user, or the user cannot enter the country because she/he does not meet the requirements established by the destination country to do so, the organising agency (TheWonderTrip) declines all responsibility for events of this nature, being the consumer responsible for any resulting expense.
  3. TheWonderTrip, S.L. is not responsible if the user does not take the required documentation to travel
  4. TheWonderTrip, S.L. can help the customer with any information about passports but is not responsible for issuing any legal documentation. Therefore, customers must have a valid passport/ID card to go to any country. This document is mandatory if the customer wants to departure.

9: LAW

  1. These general terms and conditions for the sale of services as well as the contract between TheWonderTrip and customer will be governed by the Spanish Law, therefore, the legal issues that may arise in the interpretation and application of those will be solved by the Courts of Madrid.
  2. The owner is not responsible for the content of the sites corresponding to external links included on the website.
  3. The owner is not responsible for a possible server crash, virus, or any type of malfunction on the site for reasons beyond the control of the owner.
  4. The owner is not liable for any fraudulent use of the contents on the website that third parties may make.
  5. Mention on the Articles 159 and 160 of Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users and other complementary laws.


  1. TheWonderTrip meets the guidelines of the Law 15/1999, of December 13, for the Protection of Personal Data. Completing and sending the forms included on the website implies the express consent to the holder to send any information via e-mail or by any other mean to the contact information provided on the forms.
  2. The personal data collected through the website will be included in a file registered with the General Registry of the Spanish Data Protection Agency file being TheWonderTrip the responsible for the treatment of such data.
  3. The user is entitled to access, modify and cancel the treatment of their personal data by TheWonderTrip by sending an email at operations@thewondertrip.com.
  4. TheWonderTrip S. L. cannot guarantee the absolute invulnerability of its security systems because currently there is not any invulnerable security system, therefore TheWonderTrip S.L. will not be responsible in case of any incidents arose over personal data if they are caused by an attack or unauthorised access to its systems.


  1. This entire website: texts, images, marks, logos, audio and video files, buttons, software files, colour combinations, structure, selection, arrangement and layout of its contents are protected by the laws on intellectual property, being prohibited its reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation, except for personal and private use.

12: COVID19

  1. Being in optimal conditions to travel, it is the travelers requirement to fill in any form associated with their destination that may be requested by the authorities. Currently, many countries require specific forms that must be completed in advance, and presented during boarding or on arrival. Please check the requirements associated with the destination and bring the completed forms as needed. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that you have completed the correct forms before traveling. Failure to do so could result in the denial of travel or entry to your destination.


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