Santiago Cebrián

Co-Founder and COO

He dreams about travelling.

Network mobile consultant and ex-engeneer in London. He enjoys discovering new cities, meeting people and…he never misses a good an Atletico football match!

In a TheWonderTrip: I would take a backpack and let myself surprise.

Laura Herrero

Sales&Marketing manager and Co-Founder

Laura loves everything about marketing & technology. Determined to getting to know the world better, she left Spain to work for a startup in the Netherlands. Since then, this natural entrepreneur hasn't stopped moving around the world.

In a TheWonderTrip: I would go crazy around the city with other wonders.

Carlos Blanco

Co-Founder and CEO

Management is his second nature.

SAP Consultant is his profession but he is an entrepreneur at heart. He has always travelled, but after his Erasmus experience, he hasn't stopped discovering new and alternative ways of travelling.

In a TheWonderTrip: “I would try to discover less typical places with other wonders.”

Sergio López

Computer geek.

Systems consultant and programmer in his free time. Passionate about travelling, sports and his friends. He is in love with crossfit.

In a TheWonderTrip: I would let myself go! More than ever...Carpe Diem!

Lorena García

Marketing Manager-Co- Founder

Responsible for getting your adventure started. Social Media Manager, she does not differentiate between profession and passion. For years, she has been working in social media for different industries such as health or education; Now, she has started her own experience in the field that she loves the most: travelling.

In a TheWonderTrip: For sure I would be the Queen of the party, experiencing myself each single corner and bar of the city

Who we are

You know that there are cheap flights on the Internet, but you can never find a suitable one. You discover a great hotel, but it costs a fortune. You see a great offer, but you have no time.You want to escape the everyday routine, but you don't know how. Sounds familiar? We have experienced that too. So we got together to create something better. Something that combines technology, travelling, and innovation in a wonderful experience.The result is TheWonderTrip, a company created by a group of friends with the motivation to be innovative and fresh every day. A company with the passion and desire to make travel exciting, new, and simple for everyone.

Can you imagine travelling to Paris and The Eiffel Tower not being your first stop? Or going to Rome and not going straight away to the Coliseum? We can. We know you can too. We want to take you to the next level. A level where travelling does not have to be A, B and C.

In TheWonderTrip community, we want to hear from you. Allow all of Europe to be at your fingertips and then share your stories with us: we will be there living them with you! We think that stories are endless, so join us in starting an amazing new one. Ready?

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