Wonder Trip in Zinc Shower

Wonder Trip in Zinc Shower

News 22/05/2016 23:29

Madrid became the centre of all the Spanish Start-ups: The Wonder Trip awarded as the best project within the technology&innovation field


After two days surrounded by innovation, technology and dreams, last Friday was the end of the the Zinc Shower 2016 event, which took place in the heart of Madrid: The Official College of Architects.

During the 19th and 20th of March the Official College of Architects became a centre of enthusiasm and motivation. Many people, who have been working for days and months to shape their project, were looking forward to presenting it. Among all the exhibitors, the so-called "Showers", The Wonder Trip was the only project within the travel field.

Surprise adventure for 149€

Both in our stand and during the sessions of The Pitch Combat many people got curious and commented about our new concept to travel by surprise. Thanks to all of you who passed by our booth to get to know more about the project. Also thanks for supporting us pitch after pitch.

Our colleague Laura Herrero, Sales&Marketing Manager, was responsible for showing the benefits of travelling in an unorthodox way. She pointed out very clearly that we believe in experiences, not in destinations. That idea took us to the semi-final of one of the most exciting parts of the event: "The Pitch Combat". We are grateful for all the support that we received not only from other Showers but also from investors.

In all case, the event was great for "The Wonder Trip Team". We not only learnt a lot about the last insights into entrepreneurship, technology and creativity, but we also met very promising potential partners. And most importantly: La Salle Technova Barcelona awarded The Wonder Trip with the prize to the best project within the innovation and technology field.

Raffle: we give away a trip around Europe for 2 people.

If there is something that made us stand out, that is the big raffle that we organized for all the participants of Zinc Shower. Many of you came up to the stand to give your data and have the opportunity to win an amazing trip for two people to an European surprise city.

We know that you are anxious to know who is the winner of the surprise trip around Europe. We don't want you to wait more. The winner is Lucía García: Congrats! Now you just have to think about with whom you want to travel and we will arrange all the rest. We hope you live a great experience.

For all the rest who participated on the raffle: we have a discount promo code for you so that you can try what one feels when travelling without a fixed destination.

Zinc Shower is not over

This is only the beginning of a longer journey: in the coming months we will try to make the most put of current and coming partners as well as learn as much as we can from the advice of experts. We will not rest until we become the leading platform for surprise trips in Spain and Holland. We really believe that we can bring you a new way to travel in which experiences matter more than fixed destinations.

If you also want to discover the feeling of starting an adventure before actually  way before starting the trip, just pick a weekend, some friends and let us arrange all the rest.

See you soon Wonders!


Author: Lorena García

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