What cannot be missing in your suitcase?

What cannot be missing in your suitcase?

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The best tips to pack for your getaway weekend

Let us guess: Your surprise getaway weekend is coming up and you still do not know what are you going to pack. What is more, you cannot entirely pack your suitcase up to 48 hours before departure because you don’t actually know which city are you going to exactly.

Questions such as “ will it be a warm place?  Or maybe, “ Will I need my snow boots?” are probably popping up in your mind. But no worries, here we give you the best tips to pack your luggage so that you can make the most out of your getaway weekend. 

Backpack or suitcase?

You might be tempted to think that for a 48 hours trip a backup is enough. Backpacks normally offer maximum mobility. You can run, crouch and climb over fences with them. They are just perfect for those searching for “extreme adventures”, most of the times are outdoors. However, most of our surprise destinations are European cities so probably picking a suitcase instead of a backpack will be your best bet.

By taking a suitcase you will avoid having to carry weigh in your back and you can just leave it in the accommodation upon arrival and forget about it. In all case, whether you take a suitcase or a backpack, remember the hand luggage size restrictions when taking your flight: 56cmx45cmx25cm.

Pack light

The most important thing: Don’t pack for the worst-case scenario and pack for the best-case scenario.  Don’t think about how the weather will be in your surprise city and just start packing the basics: underwear, vanity case and chargers. Very important, don’t forget the very essentials, such us your ID/passport, credit card or medication. Keep your toiletries tiny. Body wash, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray or hair product… Aim to slim down these products. Most of our accommodations already include small samples of these products.

Especially for girls, pack all-purpose shoes, something practical, sturdy and neutral in color. You’ll want to be able to comfortably discover the city as well as be able to match your shoes to different outfits. Remember, you don’t have to pack everything you own–just enough clothing to get you through the weekend! If later you discover that you are going to a cold city, we recommend that you just put your thickest coat on and jump on the plane.

What about my laptop?

Unless you want to discover a new city for your next temporary “weekend office”, we highly recommend that you absolutely unplug from the everyday life and just let yourself go. We know how much you deserve a little break and there's nothing better than packing up on a Friday evening after a busy week, heading somewhere for a weekend getaway with friends/partner, and just leave everything behind. Concerned about how search for cool places in the city? Don’t worry, we provide you with an unorthodox guide to discover every corner of the city in 48 hours and accesible from your smartphone. Relax, and and enjoy your Wonder Trip!


Author: Laura Herrero González

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