Welcome to The Wonder Trip

Welcome to The Wonder Trip

News 14/01/2016 23:49

Live an adventure around Europe

Enthusiasm, sharing , friends , experiences ... these are just some of the words that pop up in our mind every time we organize a journey. But we want to go a step further and make one word to stand out among all these words: ADVENTURE

After a few months helping our adventurers to get to know Europe, it is time to welcome our Adventurous Blog. But first we want you to know a little bit more who we are, just to give you an idea about what kind of Indiana Jones you are dealing with. 

Adventure Europe

The Wonder Trip is born from the passion of making trips unforgettable experiences, returning from cities not only  loaded, not only, with souvenirs, but more importantly memories, stories, adventures  and life-defining moments. Because of our passion, we decided to challenge ourselves: we will help everybody on this continent get to know every single corner of Europe in an easy way. Why? Because we want people to live unsurpassable experiences.

The challenge is not easy, that's why we work very hard to meet this challenge. Under today's life circumstances, travelling for students and young people can be really messy. You need to search for a city, good accommodation, flights...and on top of that, you need all these things to be affordable. Wouldn't it be awesome to have everything arranged and just jump there, in the middle of Europe, ready to make the most out of the city? 

Yes, we thought the same. Escaping the every day life and getting away for the weekend without having to worry about anything else would be really cool. And that's exactly The Wonder Trip's mission. Imagine, you just choose your preferred weekend, and 72h you discover which European city you are going to. No more time-consuming evenings on the Internet tracking cheap flights. No more crappy hostels. No more weekends without experiencing new cities or meeting new people. 

But just a moment, what is most importantpart part of a trip? Exactly, the company. After all we know that people make stories regardless how and where. So now we have all the ingredients: a getaway weekend in an new European surprise city accompanied by good friends. Doesn't it sound like a real adventure? Imagine, you have no idea about where you are going to until your adventurous weekend is very close. Your adventure actually starts much earlier than the moment in which you get off the plane. And sharing that feeling of excitement with friends is just amazing. 

This is how The Wonder Trip starts, as an adventure around Europe where we make you the main protagonists of the story. We arrange flight, acommodation and shuttle to the hotel. We help you getting to know the city and recommend places. We advise you about how to enjoy the best cuisine of the country, its streets, history...and people. We provide you with a 360º experience, all for you at just one click distance. And of course, keep in mind that your story will be part of the large travel community that we are creating for you: WonderCircle. Here you and other Wonder travellers can share your adventures and keep them alive in your memories forever. 

You choose the company ( if you want) and the date , we do all the rest.

And what is WonderBlog ?

Now that you know our passion it is time to know more about the coolest destinations, what to do in each place and the best recommendations to travel Europe in a different way. A unique and special section where we will help all our adventurers to make the most of their WonderTrip.

Every week we'll offer you your tips for your trips, comprehensive information about our destinations , tourist guides to discover every corner of the city, cuisine suggestions to experience the best dishes of the country, and proper hotels to charge batteries after an intense day waking around the city.  And of course, we will offer you the last news and stories from our Wonder Travellers. 

Stay tuned, and start to embrance travelling in different way with us.

Remember that you will have Europe at your fingertips from 149 € . Ready to become a new Wonder Traveller?

Author: Lorena García

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