Flight around Europe without moving from Madrid

Flight around Europe without moving from Madrid

News 05/03/2016 11:05

Wonder Trip's Party

Can you imagine one night travelling around the most important European capitals? For sure, you are thinking that we got crazy, but…Are you sure?

For TheWonderTrip nothing is impossible. We love new experiences and great adventures, and we promise you that this one is gonna be one of those. We want Madrid to become the main meeting point of all major European cities the next 12th of March. With this purpose we have arranged a theme party at the club El Doblón, in the heart of Madrid, Juan Bravo street number 35.

From 11.30 PM onwards the club will be full of good vibes, adventure, and experiences. You will get to know our traveller’s Wonder Community by playing fun games with all the participants. We will make you feel like you’re travelling around Europe without actually getting out Madrid.

Once you arrive there, we will give you a leaflet that tells you all the games that we will make. We will identify you with stickers of our Wonder destinations: for some of you the stickers will be countries and for the rest the stickers will be cities. You challenge: find the city/country that matches your sticker or better said: the traveller that will accompany you in your next Wonder Trip!

We will have a huge photo-call with a map of Europe, where you will be to see the funniest pictures of our adventurous travellers as well as take new funny pictures. You will be also able to leave messages: With whom would you get lost around Europe for the weekend? Remember that the funniest messages will participate in a raffle: We will give away a trip for 2 people one weekend valued at 300€.

If you are still not convinced don't worry, we have many more surprises. We won't unveil all of them here but gymkhanas, surprise dances and many crazy things will be waiting for you. You will be only able to discover them if you join us to discover what a Wonder experience is. Additionally, you will be able to get nice gifts that will come in handy for your trips around Europe.

Don’t wait more! Write it down in your calendar: the 12th of March you have an appointment with the TheWonderTrip, surrounded by adventurous people that want to get to know in which our European community consists of. Our friends on their Erasmus exchange have already joined us, so you will be able to interact with adventurers from all over Europe: Finland, Poland, Italy, France, the UK, Portugal, Greece…all for 14€. Two drinks from high-quality brands are included!

If you would like to get your ticket and don't miss this experience email us on hello@thewondertrip.com or on our social networks. We will arrange your invite for TheWonderTrip’s party. Also, for coming to our party you will get 10€ discount for your next trip with us.

Remember that getting away from the routine makes your life more enjoyable. Get to know TheWonderTrip and let yourself you to live a great adventure around Europe.

Author: Lorena García

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