Who  is the best person to travel with?

Who is the best person to travel with?

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5 Things you should know before choosing your travel mates


Paris, Rome, Budapest ... they are just some of the sites that already have its corresponding marked green thumbtack in our particular map… just to remind us that those cities are waiting for us to go and to get lost in its streets, meet its people and live an adventure that we will never forget. Mostly  we will not forget it thanks to the people who have joined us.

Do you remember  that club where John met his girlfriend? That city where Mary was unable to understand the language? Or the place where Carlos invited us to the best beers of our life? Surely more than one of you is thinking about all the stories that he/she  has been living while travelling with others: unique adventures that always draw a big smile on you and the best thing,  that you always remember because of the people were surrounding you in that special place.

There are many places but only  few real experiences. To live a great adventure is important to choose a good travel mates and TheWonderTrip wants to help you make the perfect choice.

Your best friend? Your co-worker? Your partner? Or why not a person you met recently? Certainly,  if you keep in mind these points in mind,  you will make the right decision:

-Always with a smile:  More than by analizing  all de monuments of the city, you will have fun by while walking through  its streets. Having someone by your side who is able to make you laugh, smile when there is a setback and, above all,  is a cheerful person  is critical to ensure a good experience.

- Providing with ideas: although the wonder team will  give you a list of activities to do during your adventure, there are always things you like to  find and experience by yourself; in this sense,  having around people who have suggestions for the night out, ideas to visit different places to eat , or even proposals for  new routes is the best thing that can happen to you. With these people you know you will not get bored at any time.

- There is feeling: it does not matter if you know each other for a lifetime or you just got to know each other 1 month ago. The  most important thing is whether or not you feel conection and good vibes with that person. One of the trip's purpose is not only to get to  know yourself better but also the people that are with you. This can be the perfect moment to share confidence and hapiness. By the way, don’t think that having the same tastes is really important. In the end enjoying different things will be more fun. You want to get away from the routine, right?

- Plan B: there is no  good trip in which something unexpected doesn’t  happen. Being next to a resolutive, responsable and flexible person is important in these moments. Imagine that the museum you really want to visit is at works, or you suitcase gets lost; These moments are prone to créate a  Little bit of  “tension” that we must be able to solve in a few minutes. Patience and supportive people with you will be a great help.

- Friend with everybody: sociable people are important at the time of travelling. It does not matter is it is your sister, your partner, or whoever. You will get lot of moments to get to know new people, share stories and learn about new cultures&lifestyles. Interacting with locals and other people in the city is an important part of your experience so being open-minded and sociable will come in handy to make the most of your trip.

Now that you know the most important tips to choose the best travel mates is the time to start thinking  with whom you are gonna share these crazy, fun and so unique moments.

 At TheWonderTrip  we are convinced that what matters is not the city but the company; that’s why, you choose your traveling companion and we'll take care of all the rest. With whom will you start  your next adventure?


Author: Lorena García

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