Summer low cost

Summer low cost

Tips 09/08/2016 18:22

The best alternative to travel around Europe without spending a euro more

For sure that the majority of our friends are already enjoying their deserved holidays: sunsets in the beach, selfies with the Eiffel Tower in the background, breakfasts in the Coliseum... these are just some examples that for sure you are seeing on social networks, making obvious that July and August are months for trips and getaways.

However, not all of us are that lucky to enjoy these days as much as we would like to. Whether for professional or financial matters, many of us might need to stay at home and try to enjoy our home city.

Walking around the city without traffic jumps, seeing that art exhibition that has been in our mind for so long, going to the swimming pool...probably these activities are part of your to do list for a summer in your home city; But let's be honest: even if we can have a cool summer without going anywhere else we know that we need the fresh air of a new city to unplug from our habitual environment and recharge batteries. At The Wonder Trip we can help you with that: Would you like to know how? Then pay attention because we will give you the key for to enjoy without any concern.

Surprise destination. Weekend around Europe

Just close your eyes and say the magic words: "The Wonder Trip". Yes, as simple as that. If there is something that we know to do is providing you with getaway weekend during the entire year so that you don't have to quit on your holidays for anything.

Un verano low cost

It is very simple, just pick a friend and tell us your preferred weekend to get an adventure. As you already know, the more you are the better. Our adventurer's experiences say that it is more fun when a group of friends embark on this different experience together. For the rest, don't worry, we we'll take care of everything.

Right after you make the decision your adventure will get started. As you know, you will not discover where you will end up until 3 days before departure. You will be wondering which city you go to until you finally discover it. And to make it even more exciting, we will send you some hints about your surprise destination so that you can get the chance to guess where in Europe you will live 48 amazing hours.

Forget about booking a long time ahead, arrange every single detail of your trip, having everything planned...we take care of all those things, you just have to think about enjoying a different experience around the best European capitals. And wait, the best part is yet to come: flights, accommodation, and a cool guide for only 149€.

Would you like to live a summer low cost? There are no more excuses; you only need to say "The Wonder Trip" and start enjoying your holidays in a different way.


Author: Lorena García

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