Spring is here for surprise trips

Spring is here for surprise trips

Destinations 07/04/2019 10:55

Special surprise trip to enjoy

The arrival of spring is a reality and we know it because the terraces begin to dust off and take their best clothes, all with a single goal: enjoy the sun and good weather.

It's time to dream and start preparing our spring and summer trips, there are many ideas that come to mind: paradisiacal beaches, hiking trails, cultural visits and why not strolls in European capitals. But to get out of the routine it is best to start traveling in a different way and we have the best solution for that, a surprise trip!

Travel surprises in Europe

The Wonder team does not want you to miss anything this summer and, for that reason, we have prepared an exclusive package, Wonder Beach, to enjoy the holidays in a different way. From today and until the end of August we open the deadlines, in addition to the basic surprise trip, you can enjoy trips to the beach.

For just € 149 you can enjoy 48 hours of surprises in the main European capitals, places like Paris, Vienna, Porto or Prague are already waiting for you. All in a fun way and without worrying about organizing anything.

Travel in a different way

Spring is to surprise and do things that we do not usually do during the year. The best way is to know different places in a different way. We only ask you to choose the dates, the company and the rest will be in our hands.

Our goal is to make you enjoy a unique experience from the first moment, because it does not matter the destination but the company. Since you choose those 48 hours to live an adventure the whole team will turn to make your vacation unique. Little by little we will send you small clues, riddles, games ... all with a single purpose: that you will be able to know much before 72 hours what your destiny is, in addition to not worrying about looking for plane and hotel.

And if this seems like little, three days before your surprise trip starts, we will send you information with all the airline and hotel tickets, always in the center of the city, along with an exclusive guide to tour the city in a different way. adventure. As we want to make you never forget this holiday we will also inform you of those exclusive activities of that weekend. Do you want more? we have more surprises, but for that you will have to start living the adventure with us.

Go ahead and enjoy the best company in a different way this summer and book your surprise trip!

Author: Santiago Cebrián

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