Bridges, the best way to join two places

Bridges, the best way to join two places

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See Europe’s most photographed bridges


What began as a functional structure to connect two riverbanks, or to pass over obstacles, has today become one of the most frequently visited tourist attractions in each new city we travel to. Bridges play an important role in a city’s architecture, becoming one of the most photographed structures during trips, along with the more classic buildings and monuments.

Both for the variety of their designs, and for their size or style of their architecture, bridges can catch our eye and can make our jaws drop.  That’s why during your surprise visit to Europe, you can’t miss taking a selfie to immortalize the city’s magic captured in a beautiful sunset over some of the most iconic rivers in Europe.

We’ll leave you with some of the most significant and important bridges in Europe, but don’t forget to take a pic and share your Wonder experience with us.

Europe’s most famous bridges

Tower Bridge, London


We can’t talk about famous European bridges without starting with arguably one of the most famous bridges in Europe – Tower Bridge. 

You can step inside the bridge, where you can see the engine room up close and the lifts can give you access to the upper walkways and one of the best views in the city.

We also suggest you check out London’s scenery at night, where the river Thames lights up in a way that will make all your friends jealous when they see your pictures.


Pont des Arts, Paris


The Pont des Arts is one of the most frequently visited spots in Paris thanks to its prime location, which connects the Institut de France with the Louvre Museum, house of the Mona Lisa, offering a beautiful panorama of the city and its bridges, as well as the Île de la Cité. 

This pedestrian bridge, which crosses another important river, the Seine River, has acquired a curious tradition that attracts thousands of lovers each year. Traveling as a couple to Paris, the city of love, requires a stroll across the Pont des Arts, placing a lock on one of the bridge’s fences as a symbol of love. The lovers’ names are written on the lock and the key is thrown in the river to represent that their love will be eternal. This long-standing tradition has created some problems, mainly from the weight of the metal locks on the fences, requiring the city to take some down for safety reasons.


The Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Budapest


You can find many bridges on the Danube River, the second longest river in Europe, but the most famous is Budapest’s Chain Bridge. 

The best spot to appreciate the grandeur of this bridge is in Pest at night, where you can see both the bridge and the Buda Castle on the other side of the city lit up. A play of lights and shadows will allow you to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.

The bridge guards some lion statues, which remind us of the ones guarding Madrid’s Chamber of Deputies; can you find the differences?

Enjoy Europe, its Rivers and its Bridges

Now that you know some of the most iconic and beautiful bridges in Europe, don’t hesitate in preparing for your surprise adventure with TheWonderTrip, surprising your travel partner and becoming the envy of all your friends who stayed at home.


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