Mom, you deserve it

Mom, you deserve it

News 27/04/2016 23:11

The perfect present for the Mother's Day: a surprise trip

What we would do without them. They are the most important persons in our lives. They are the ones constanly taking care of us, and even though sometimes we argue with them, we just have to smile to make them happy again.

No matter how far we are from them or how old we are, they are always the first ones to call when we are feeling good, need advise and, above all, support us in every decision. They are the ones who have the hardest job: make us happy day after day.

So for all these reasons, and many more, today is time to say loudly, "Mom, I have a surprise for you" Forget about bags, sweatshirts, creams or colonies, this year, we have the mission to surprise, excite and make our mom happy. We don't find a better way than giving to her a surprise trip for a weekend in one of the European destinations of our Wonder world.

What do you think? It is a great idea,isn't it? they often have stopped to live their dreams to make ours happen; Most likely, they have given up on trips because of time or money, but now, you are responsible for making her feel young and adventurous.

To begin the adventure you just have to choose the weekend you'd like your mom to travel, the person you want her to live this special moment with ( that person could be easily you; we bet that you haven't spent quality time with her for a long time) and that's all. The Wonder team will make sure she lives an amazing experience. Also, if you provide us with her email address, she will receive an special email on your behalf; That incluces an exciting surprise for her: a trip around Europe.

Imagine the face of your mother when she receives the notification on he phone:" there is a surprise trip waiting for you". If all this seems like it is not enough, we have more news. From the Monther's Day and until she discovers her destination city, she will receive hints about her surprise destination. Once she discovers her destination, she will get a complete guide, exclusive discounts, and a centric hotel. All to make the most out of the adventure.

Now it is easy for you get a great gift for your mom. Just pick a weekend and let her enjoy it.

Mom, you have alway taken care of me. But everything is paid off and now I want to give away something special. Enjoy the Mother's Day together with The Wonder Trip.


Author: Lorena García

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