Happy International Bike Day

Happy International Bike Day

News 18/04/2016 22:04

Cycle in each Wonder Surprise Destination

One more year, today April the 19th the International Bike Day and bikes catch full attention in a lot of cities around the world today. 

The main reason to celebrate this day is to promote the use of one of the most ecological and fun means of transportation. Next to that, today is a great opportunity to demand respect for bike lines and cyclists. 

There are many European cities where people prefer to bike to any other conventional mean of transportation so let's take a look at some of our Wonder cities, where biking, is the every day routine.

Amsterdam, Holland

If there is a city where biking is on top of the list, that is our beloved Amsterdam. With more than a million bicycles, biking is both for locals and tourists. Besides being an amazing way to do sightseeing around the city, biking is a great tool for locals to escape from traffic jams and easily get anywhere.

Berlin, Germany

Did you know that Berlin is connected to the Danish capital through a 620 KM route? The German capital has joined the "bike movement" and now you are able to bike to every corner of the city. The passion is as much that you can find areas of the city where cyclists have exclusive priority.

Barcelona, Spain

Since the end of 2014 we can rent an electric bicycle as one of the options to go around the popular city. It is one of the cities that has worked the most on promoting biking as one of the main means of transportation among citizens, and of course, tourists. Getting to know "Las Ramblas" or "Paseo de Gracia" is now way easier.

Dublin, Irland

you can hire a "Dublin Bikes" from any one of the 47 different bike stations or from the"Coca-Cola Zero dublinbikes stations, which are located in the centre of Dublin city. The latter one is supported by the the city council and the demand is that high that the council has had considerably increased the number of bikes in the last period.

Antwerp, Belgium

Although you can find cycling enthusiasts across the whole country, no doubt, Antwerp is on the lead. The city has become an ecological icon in Central Europe and offers citizens and visitors many options to rent a bike and go around the city.

Now that you know 5 of our surprise destinations where the International Bike Day is a big event you have to try the experience and live an adventure with us by bike.

The Wonder Trip, together with Bim Bim Bikes, makes it easy for you; pick a weekend, some friends to have fun with, and forget about everything else. By the time you are ready to book with us, you just need to make clear that you are passionate about adventures, and one of them, is becoming a real cyclist in a surprise destination. We will give you then a discount for being one of those adventurers on a bike.

Celebrate with us the International Bike Day and remember that you can find an adventure at any time by biking around an unexpected surprise city of Europe.

Author: Lorena García

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