We are already more than 1000 Wonders

We are already more than 1000 Wonders

News 11/03/2016 00:42

Thanks for joining us.

Today we are celebrating, not only because we are arranging the adventures of many of you, but also because we have made it to more than 1000 fans on Facebook in less than 1 month and a half.

This is a big achievement considering that we just launched our platform and we feel blissful to have all these fans trusting us. We are putting in lot of effort and passion to move forward with our project, and we are seeing results. Next to you, we aim to create a big family, and to this end, we are working on the creation of a big community of “Wonder Travellers”, what we call the "Wonder Circle”.

We don’t want to give you so many hints yet, but what we can already tell you is that we will keep on working to live up to the expectations of all of you, improving your travelling experience day after day. In the “Wonder Circle” you will be able to share the passion that brings all of us together: travelling.

As we keep on working to grow our community, we would like to take a little break and enjoy this sweet moment that we are living at the moment.

From Madrid… an adventure around Europe

What we are passionate about are adventures, for that reason we have arranged one that will not be indifferent for anyone. Can you imagine living an adventure without moving from Madrid? Even though it might sound crazy, we will prove that it is possible.

To celebrate our first 1000 fans on Facebook, we would like to invite you to the our first TheWonderTrip’s party that will take place in Madrid the next Saturday, March the 12th.

Many of you have already written down this day in your calendar, have asked us what is necessary to attend the event, and the best part: already have your invite to assist. If you aren’t yet one of the adventurers that have decided to travel around the most important European capitals without moving from Madrid, don't worry, you are still on time.

From 23.00h onwards the club ‘El Doblón” in Madrid will become in the European capital and you’ll get the chance to travel around Berlin, London, Rome or Paris without walking more than 500 meters. The event will give you the opportunity to get to know better TheWonderTrip, to meet new people, to participate in fun games, and the best of all: to win a trip for 2 people valued at 300€ for free so that you can live an adventure with us.

Do we still need to convince you? I don't think so, but to be sure, we tell you that many young people that want to have fun in a different way will be waiting for you. Additionally, amazing music from the 80’s and a music band will perform a tribute to Michael Jackson. Be ready to show your best dancing style!

It’s all arranged!! You are the only one missing, so I just remind you that we will wait for you from 23.30h at club “El Doblón” in Juan Bravo Street number 35. With your ticket (14€)  you will get 2 drinks  and will participate in a raffle: remember, we will give away a trip for 2 people valued at 300€.

Email us or get in touch with us on our social networks and we will help you arrange your ticket.

Thanks to all our fans that accompany us day after day. We hope that many of you join us on our particular way to experience the adventure of travelling.

Author: Lorena García

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