Arriving at the Airport - Impossible mission? Not anymore

Arriving at the Airport - Impossible mission? Not anymore

Tips 20/10/2016 14:40

With Micocar you can get big discounts on taxis to the airport

The adventure begins! Now that you finally know your surprise destination, it’s the perfect time to start preparing everything.

We’ve made it easy for you; we’ve already handled the most important stuff. You’ve already got your plane tickets, reservation for accommodations, and endless activities to do in your destination city once you arrive. You’ve chosen to find out your destination 72, 48, or 24 hours in advance, so you can have more or less time to coordinate the only thing left to prepare, your suitcase and the start to your adventure, getting to the airport.

What you don’t know is that this adventure doesn’t start in Paris, Berlin, or Milan…but from the moment you shut your taxi door at the airport.

As you know, the Wonder team offers three possible departures: Madrid, Barcelona, or Amsterdam. You’ve already chosen yours and now we’ll help you get to one of these three airports easily,comfortably, and economically.

Still don’t think it’s possible? Forget about never-ending trips and time wasted on trains, subways, or in traffic jams. With Micocar, arriving at the airport is no ‘mission impossible’.

What is Micocar?

Micocar is the first Spanish taxicab app that lets you order transportation easily, comfortably, and economically, providing the user a great experience in every way possible. It’s super easy to use; you download the app and every time you have to use it, just select your starting point and final destination. They’ll send a taxi from their network to pick you up, saving you money while you travel because using this app is 10% to 50% cheaper than a normal taxi.

But if you’re not already convinced, there’s still more. You’ll have your taxi instantly; in less than 2 clicks they’ll be there to pick you up and bring you to the airport, no problem. You can even book your taxi an hour in advance. Satisfaction and security are our friends’ top priorities so you will only travel with taxi drivers with the best reputations, making your trip a cheap and safe adventure from start to finish. In addition, each time you use their services, you’ll collect money, which will accumulate in a virtual wallet to be redeemed on your next trip. If you have an iphone you can even order directly through Siri, Apple’s best friend.

I think by now we’ve convinced you. From here we offer you the option of using Microcar at a very special price, just for being a Wonder adventurer. So choose this option if you want to ditch the headache and start feeling the Wonder experience right from the start.

Drop everything and finish packing your suitcase to start your 48 hours full of adventure, happiness,and surprises in a different city in Europe. See you there!

Author: Lorena García

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