Goodbye to post-holiday routine

Goodbye to post-holiday routine

Tips 27/09/2016 22:36

Prepare your surprise trip to Europe and forget routine

Oh no! Sorry but we’ve already said ‘hello’ to fall and that means September is coming to an end, and with it, we say goodbye to the heat and our beloved holidays.

It’s a tough time; we have to pick up the pace and get back into our routines and even though most of us have had a chance to recharge, the time off has us not wanting to go back to real life. Yeah … the life of getting up early, responsibilities, and work.

But don’t panic, there’s nothing wrong with starting a new season. There are lots of things we can do during these last months of the year and we have some ideas to get excited about going back to ‘real life’

Creativity with Photography

Surely more than once or twice this summer you’ve looked at your smartphone and said, “ugh look at that beautiful picture”. Yes, of course you also have an artist inside of you and these months are the perfect time to bring it out.  

It’s still sunny and warm out, so the sunsets and the evenings in the park can give you lots to play with for your shot. In a few weeks the leaves will start to fall too, a good time to become an awesome Instagrammer before the cold arrives.

Adiós a la rutina postvacacional

And if that’s not straightforward, you can always start with food to set yourself apart from the crowd on your way to becoming a great photographer.

Events and parties you don’t want to miss

No doubt that during the summer we’re bombarded with things to do, we spend all day outside and we go to ‘jaleos’ like it’s our job.  But the summer is not the only time we have a social life.

A new school year starts and with it come the most important special events in different social circles. Museums start with their new exhibits, the coolest local venues start hosting parties, and our schedules start to fill out with social events.

To all this we have to add birthdays and those after work hangouts with friends or colleagues you haven’t seen in these past few months. Basically I don’t think it will be easy for you to be bored.

Be careful playing sports

It’s time to be careful again. We know these past months are not just for avoiding the gym and physical activity, but also forgetting about eating healthy. The different pace of life, ice cream, and terraces have all packed on a few extra pounds.

Adiós a la rutina postvacacional

But look, we’re not trying to take away all the fun; the important thing is to realize that now we have to get back to a healthy lifestyle. Get back in the gym, start running or doing yoga, which will break up our routine and help us feel better about ourselves.

Surprise trip around Europe 

Whoever says you can only travel in summer is dead wrong. Weekends are meant to be enjoyed, and what better way than with short getaways?

You can’t be bothered to prepare, agree on a destination, and look up what there is to do in the city. To prepare, agree on a destination, and look up what there is to do in the city. We love traveling but it can be strenuous with everything required to just leave Spain.

We’ve got the answer: pick the people you want to bring this weekend, choose the dates and, voilà, just like that your experience begins. After that all you have to worry about is checking the mail for our clues, and finding out the surprise destination that will take you across Europe in a very, very fun way.

We know summer is special but incredible things are ahead in these next months. So forget about complaining about the end of summer holidays and start preparing for your next adventure.

Author: Lorena García

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