48 hours in Paris with Brad Pitt

48 hours in Paris with Brad Pitt

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We tell you about the most romantic spots in the city of love to conquer the heart of your travel companion


By now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Brad Pitt has become the ultimate bachelor. Ever since Angelina Jolie shared the unexpected news of their divorce, we haven’t stopped trying to figure out some sort of magic spell to make Brad our new boyfriend.

How about a change of clothes…beauty treatments…direct flights to Los Angeles…like I said, an endless supply of ideas to make us his chosen ones. Now we just need to come up with the perfect location to surprise him and conquer the heart of this American gentleman, or whoever we have in mind…this is where we can help. 

48 horas en París para enamorar a Brad Pitt

Surprise trip to Paris

The best way to surprise our partner is with a trip, but not just with any trip, a surprise weekend getaway. And if we’re lucky and have an ace up our sleeves, we’ll be destined for Paris.

The city of love is perfect for leaving our travel partner, Brad Pitt, with his jaw open. The monuments, culture, shopping, streets, and nightlife are the definition of the capital city of France.

Our adventure begins

You don’t usually have a lot of time, so choosing the best locations is crucial to make sure your new flame doesn’t burn out. Once you’ve arrived at the hotel, it’s best to start your adventure with a trip to the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris.  The best metro station is the Trocadéro, where the view will not disappoint; this is a good moment to take a picture together or hold hands while you take a stroll.

48 horas en París para enamorar a Brad Pitt

After this, night will be approaching, so grab dinner and another drink. The Latin district is one of the liveliest places in the city, where you can try typical local dishes for a very reasonable price beside one of the most recognized cathedrals of the world, the Notre Dame, where you can finish the evening under the gaze of its gargoyles.

First 24 hours of love

Paris is the largest city in France; there are lots of monuments and charming neighborhoods that are all must-sees. So eat a good breakfast because you have an amazing day ahead.

 A little culture never hurt anyone, so our itinerary will begin with some history at Napoleon’s tomb in the Dôme des Invalides. Once we’ve discussed a few of our friend Bonaparte’s battles, it’s time to head towards the Pont Alexandre III, without a doubt the most beautiful bridge in the entire city.

Straight ahead we’ll arrive at another iconic site, the Champs-Élysées. Its incredible stores will lure us into the temptation to shop but we’ll forget all about them with one glance at the Arc de Triomphe.

If you already went up the Eiffel Tower the day before, you don’t need to go up the Champs-Élysées; the views are not as spectacular and you’ll lose a lot of time. 

After this it’s time to enjoy the city’s streets and walk a half hour to the Place de la Concorde, where you can see the Luxor obelisk and the Tuileries Garden, where you can either take a little break or continue to the Louvre museum, known for its famous painting ‘The Mona Lisa”.

The next stop is Montmarte and the famous Moulin Rouge, though the show may not live up to all the hype. Once we’ve taken the famous picture with the cabaret dancers, it’s time to go to the highest point to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris, exploring the Place du Terte and watching the sunset from one of the most romantic spots in the city.

  48 horas en París para enamorar a Brad Pitt

And to top it all off, if you’re a fan of French food you can’t go back to the hotel without trying one of the local crepes, either sweet or savoury they are sure to blow your mind.

We continue enjoying our surprise destination

It’s our last day but we’re just as excited as on our first. It’s time to go back to some of the sites we didn’t get the chance to enjoy to the fullest. That’s why today our adventure starts at the banks of the Seine River or at the Notre Dame cathedral. 

Enjoying the cathedral is completely free; the only thing that costs money is to climb its towers, where if you’re lucky you might find the hunchback hiding.

After our first stop, it’s time to walk to the Pantheon, one of Paris’ must-see monuments that will take us to the Luxembourg Gardens, where you can sunbathe or have a picnic on the grass.

Now that you’ve checked-in to the most important spots, it’s time to enjoy whichever you liked most, continuing to take pictures and sharing your love for the city with the world.

We don’t know if you’ll be able to conquer Brad Pitt’s heart, or your travel companion’s, but we know you’ll have a great time in the city of love.


Author: Lorena García

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