5 cities to enjoy Halloween in Europe

5 cities to enjoy Halloween in Europe

News 25/10/2016 15:25

The scariest places to spend an evening in terror

Trick or treat? So the scariest night of the year begins. There’s a legend that says on the night of October 31st witches, zombies, and evil beings come to life, seizing earth and all beings living on it. But do you believe all this is true?

As with any good legend, parts are true and parts are fictional. In reality, the Night of All Saints or All Souls Night was originally a Celtic festival, which Irish immigrants passed from generation to generation onto North Americans. Over the years religion also took over the festival, transforming it into a devotion to the deceased.


Beyond the legends, myths, and ghost stories, it’s clear that this night is celebrated in countries like the United States, Canada, England, and Ireland. The streets and the people are prepared with pumpkins, bats, and all kinds of utensils that can be used to scare us. Every year more countries unite in this celebration and we want you to be able to enjoy it. We’ll leave you with the 5 most terrifying surprise destinations in Europe – are you ready?

5 ciudades para disfrutar Halloween en Europa  

Count Dracula of Transylvania 

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about Transylvania is….that’s right….the world’s most famous vampire, Count Dracula. In the mountains of Romania is the city of Bran; there we can find one of the scariest castles where, according to Bram Stoker (author who gave life to the mythical vampire), our beloved Dracula lived for many years in a place ideal for drinking the blood of his victims. 

Walking the halls of the castle and knowing its in and outs could be the perfect plan for a night of terror. And if that’s not enough, our friends at Airbnb raffle off a room in the castle, leaving you with an adventure to tell if you manage to get out alive.

“Salem in Europe” or better known as Chalindrey in France

The medieval atmosphere and Celtic music make Chalindrey Castle a special place to spend this magical evening. For years the fortress has been decorated and prepared so many visitors can admire the area’s grandeur. 

The city’s magic isn’t connected to the castle, but to the witch-hunt, which took place centuries ago in the area. According to legend, for years numerous evil acts of witchcraft were performed in the area. This makes it even more incredible to enjoy on Halloween night.

5 ciudades para disfrutar Halloween en Europa

The Mystical Prague

Considered one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities on the continent, Prague is an incredible place to spend Halloween. For Halloween, the people of Prague love to visit the Ghost Museum, where all kinds of ghostly myths and legends are recreated. 

But if you’re someone who enjoys pure terror, you can’t miss the Cemetery Church of All Saints, located in Sedlec. There you can see between 40,000 and 70,000 human skeletons that decorate the entire chapel. 

The Origins of Evil in Ireland

The festival’s tradition dates back to a certain place, Ireland, where it’s still celebrated today and is the best place in Europe to celebrate Halloween.

Certainly more than once you’ve wondered about the origins of the pumpkin this time of year. Our Irish friends were not just the creators of Samhain, but many other traditions we still practice today. 

There are all kinds of exhibitions, horror films, haunted stories, and ghost stories that you can enjoy during this evening in Londonderry.

London’s Terrifying Halloween

London is one of the cities that prepare most – its streets and squares are decorated in demon skulls to launch the scariest holiday of the year.

Its parades and parties are legendary, so don’t wait – see for yourself.

The Wonder team has prepared for you the five cities to enjoy a fear-filled Halloween; all that’s left is for you to pick a costume to wear while you spend the night with the un-dead.


Author: Lorena García

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