Discover your secret city by bike

Discover your secret city by bike

Tips 03/06/2016 07:10

With BimBimBikes you can enjoy your surprise city by bike

Have you already discovered your next destination? As you know, three days before you start your adventure you will discover the surprise city in which you will live an amazing weekend.

Since you took your travel package, you have been probably wondering where in Europe you will end up. You have been imaging yourself eating pizza in Rome, enjoying the magic Paris, or maybe shopping around the coolest neighborhoods of London. But as you know, it is all about experiences, not destinations.

We have already made sure that you have a complete guide to discover your new city as well as proposed many great activities to do during your getaway weekend. Although you will not miss any information to make the most out of the city, we also encourage you to discover the city on your own and share moments with your friends. We know that the excitement of not planning much is irreplaceable, however ,we also know that you have limited time. For this reason, we want to help you a bit more to get everything ready.  

Can you imagine discovering Europe by bike? It is time to stop imaging and make it happen. Our friends from BimBimBikes help you with that. We know that walking  around a new city  is fun, but we want to propose you a different way to do it by bike.

What is BimBimBikes about?

BimBimBikes is an online platform that partners with rental bike points to offer you an easy way to rent any kind of bike in your destination city. It is very  simple, you only need to go on their website, pick what sort of bike you would like to rent, and the city where you are gonna live your adventure by bike. 

With more than 1000 rental points distributed among 54 countries, BimBimBikes is becoming more and more popular. Clients feel confident and satisfied to rent a bike through BimbimBikes because they can easily compare prices and pay only once they get their bike.

Considered as one of the best 25 Dutch companies in 2016, BimBimBikes proposes you a new way to discover your city by bike. Now, Wonder Travellers have the opportunity to use BimBimbikes to enjoy even more their adventure.

We offer our travellers the possibility to rent a bike in their your surprise destination with BimBimBikes for a very special price. Just because you are Wonder traveller, you only need to get in touch with us to enjoy it. We will inform you about all the details and will arrange everything for you.  

It is time to start packing for your next exciting 48h in a secret city around Europe.

We hope to see you soon!

Author: Lorena García

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