The 5 best cities in Europe to get lost

The 5 best cities in Europe to get lost

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Enjoy a surprise weekend in one of the top cities on the continent

Italy, Germany, the Netherlands…we’ve colonized a lot of countries and as you know, the Wonder team offers more than 20 surprise destinations to spend a weekend filled with good vibes and tons of fun.

We see life as an adventure and every weekend is different, full of positivity and great stories to tell. Although we always offer an abundance of cities for your magical 48 hours, we know that you’ve already been to some and enjoyed their cuisine, culture, and people. So we give you the chance to eliminate one of the possible destinations.

Even still, I know what you’re thinking…and of course there are always certain options we would want more than others. But rest assured that anything can be fixed and at the Wonder Trip we let you to eliminate more than one destination, increasing your chances of getting the one you want the most.

Regardless of what happens, there will always be certain cities that have a special charm – dare to know what they are? 

The 5 best surprise destinations

Choosing your favorite city is something very special; we all have different taste and, therefore, we don’t all like the same places. Even still, our travelers have decided that the following are the 5 best cities in Europe to get lost in:

Love in Paris

One of the most divine cities in the world is Paris. The French capital resonates with us in a unique way. After walking its streets, visiting its museums and filling their stomachs on its cuisine, all tourists fall in love with this beautiful city.

Wherever you look, there are endless thrills. You won’t be able to keep your jaw from dropping at each corner. And although the city’s heart is the Eiffel Tower, we assure you that you’ll love other spots just as much.

London’s Avant-Garde

Its blend of tradition and avant-garde with a spot of tea has made London one of the most visited cities in the world. London’s diverse cultures and large number of natural spaces have made the English capital the cosmopolitan centre of Europe.

And although good weather probably won’t accompany this adventure, British fashion will.

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Charm and Magic in Prague

If you discover the magic of the capital of the Czech Republic, you can feel like you’re traveling back in time. For many years great alchemists populated it and although they no longer exist, their spirits have remained in this wonderful, incredible city.

Its medieval beauty and bridge bring to life a princess’ dream of traveling to another culture and an era filled with mysticism. In the main square, you can also see the clock that never stops telling time, without needing batteries, just solar energy. 

History Alive in Berlin

If there’s one city in Europe with much to tell, it’s Berlin. The footprint from the two World Wars and the wall have left the city marked by history, a history every citizen has to live.

Every corner has a special story, transforming travelers into main characters of that story, increasing the capital’s charm. The city doesn’t just have culture and history - you can also experience its cuisine and the local’s good vibes.

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Rome, the eternal city

If Berlin is the historical city of the 20th century, Rome is the tale of modern civilization. The mixture of centuries make the capital of Italy one of the best inspirations for the little artist we all have inside.

Day by day we encounter the beauty in walking through its endless streets, with a large dose of culture. And Rome is more than the Coliseum; the passing of time has made it one of the most beautiful cities.  


Author: Lorena García

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