10 places to visit in Prague free

10 places to visit in Prague free

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Surprise trip in Prague

For many years, the city of Prague has been recognized as one of the most beautiful cities not only in Europe, but in the world. Its historical center, with origins of the medieval era, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1992, and is that in general it is one of those cities that seem taken from a story.

If your next surprise trip with Wonder is the capital of the Czech Republic, Carlos and Cristina, the web travelers dosmochilasenruta.com, They leave us 10 places to visit in Prague for free.

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1. Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is the most visited place in Prague and one of the most beautiful squares in all of Europe. Some of the most important attractions to see in Prague are around this square, such as the Týn gothic church and its two towers, the baroque church of St. Nicholas, the Old Town Hall of Prague and its famous astronomical clock, an icon of the country .

Depending on the time you travel, you can enjoy several markets that are held throughout the year, one of the most special being its beautiful Christmas market.

2. Free tour of the center of Prague

Dozens of free tours in Spanish leave every day from this square that take you to know the most important places in Prague. We always recommend doing it the first day you arrive at the destination, as it is the best way, not only to locate yourself in a new city, but also to know its history and curiosities by the hand of an expert guide.

You will find several free tours, and among the most demanded are those that run through the city center, the most alternative areas of Prague, Prague Castle and even the city's Jewish quarter.

10 lugares que visitar en Praga gratis

3. Witness the Astronomical Clock show

Located on the facade of the Prague City Hall tower, is one of the oldest astronomical clocks in the world. Its medieval origins date from the beginning of the 15th century, and it is at every hour when the show known as “the walk of the 12 apostles” takes place, where two windows open and their figures appear slowly parading.

At that time, all the tourism in the square stops to contemplate this masterpiece, so it is advisable to arrive a little before the time, if you want to see it from a place more or less close.

4. Take the Camino Real route

Formerly this was the path that the Czech kings made when they were to be crowned. In addition, this journey of about 3 kilometers, is undoubtedly one of the best ways to know the most emblematic places of the city, since it goes from the Powder Tower to the Prague Castle, passing through the well-known neighborhood of Mala Strana

5. Cross the Charles Bridge

Built in the mid-fourteenth century as the central section of the Royal Road, crossing the spectacular Charles Bridge is one of the essential things to do in Prague. This medieval bridge connects the old city with the small city where the castle is located. It is almost half a kilometer long and has a total of 30 baroque statues on its sides. It is one of the busiest and liveliest places in the city, thanks also to the different street artists that you will find playing music or painting landscapes of the Czech capital. A good recommendation is that you cross it both day and night with everything lit.

10 lugares que visitar en Praga gratis

6. Prague Castle

Another of the places that no traveler should miss if he travels to the capital of the Czech Republic is Prague Castle, which is also considered the largest castle in the world. Inside this huge complex are several historical monuments and important buildings such as the Cathedral of San Vito, the Basilica of St. George, the Royal Palace, churches and the Golden Alley, where the famous writer Kafka lived in one of the houses .

At present, and since 1918, the castle is also the residence of the president of the Czech Republic, and every hour you can witness the changing of the guard. This point is also the favorite of all travelers to contemplate the best panoramic views of the city of Prague.

7. San Vito Cathedral

Do not miss the opportunity to enter the Cathedral of St. Vitus, the most important building built in Prague. It began to be built in 1344, although it was completely completed in the twentieth century thanks to the help of artists of that era. The Cathedral houses inside some of the most important treasures of the city, such as the Crown jewels and the tomb of St. Wenceslas.

8. John Lennon's Wall

In 1980, coinciding with the murder of John Lennon, graffiti and messages began to appear on this wall, claiming freedom of expression and in favor of peace, as well as lyrics of the Beatles' most famous songs. The wall is located in Velkoprevorske Namesti square, in the beautiful district of Mala Strana. Today it is one of the most curious places visited by tourists traveling to Prague.

10 lugares que visitar en Praga gratis

9. Meet Josefov, the Jewish quarter of Prague

Walking through the streets of the Jewish quarter of Prague you will know another of the most historic places of the city, since it has its origins in the 10th century. Although today the old ghetto has disappeared, the neighborhood still retains its history thanks to the old Jewish cemetery where thousands of tombstones are piled on top of each other due to lack of space, and to the different synagogues.

10. Wenceslas Square

This huge square 750 meters long by 60 meters wide, is located in the part of the New Town, and was the site of an old horse market. At present, a large part of the buildings that are located on either side of the square are occupied by hotels, restaurants and other stores.

Author: Carlos y Cristina (dosmochilasenruta)

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